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Is the idea of earning an amount by working from home? If yes, then earn amazing money by writing content by being at home. Many of them will be interested in writing on many things in varied styles. You can achieve your passion for writing and also work leisurely from home and earn money. Get to use your free time, in doing something productive that drives your money.

Wiring jobs are more or less written by professional writers who have wider knowledge in the respective language. The content is being written for a larger audience. With the advancement in the Internet and digital technologies, the writers have wider opportunities in the current era than existed ever before.

If you want to spend your free time earning online or work from home, you can start searching for content writing jobs in various portals like naukri.com, indeed.com, and so on. All you need is a laptop/desktop and writing skills.

Writing jobs features

  • It requires zero investments

  • Free registrations in various online sites

  • English language and general knowledge

  • Work anywhere at anytime

  • Get paid directly from the hired company

  • There is no limit such as age

  • No prior training or certificate required

  • Be a boss to your work

  • Wider opportunities

  • Work even offline

  • Add on and limitless Income

  • Increase your communication skills and knowledge about the world

Types of writing jobs

In this digital world, with the advancement of technologies and the internet, the requirement of content writing has been increasing day by day. The most important of writing content is Article writing. An article is generally content that is written for a larger audience. The main aim of writing an article is to publish about the respective topic to the world.

Article Writing

Article writing involves writing a piece of content about the given topic to publish it to the outer world and make a difference about it. This also plays a key role in promoting a product or a thing such as a book, or a mobile phone, or fashion accessories. Whatever the product or service, the article helps the people to gather information.

Article writing jobs involve writing content for magazines, training manuals, blogs, newspapers, and yellow letters, and so on, where one can publish their work, expose the message to the world to their target audience.

How does an Article writing job work?

One can find the article writing jobs in online portals such as Indeed, Naukri, olx, up work, and so on. Anyone passionate about writing can find a job. All you need is a laptop or desktop and writing skills. Article writing is a genuine job available for writers online. One can earn up to Rs. 1000 / day if they write about 2000 words by spending 2 to 3 hours a day. For the one, who has wider knowledge, technical writing skills, can earn above Rs.1500 / day.

Of all jobs available online, the best to earn by working a maximum of 3 hours and earn good money is an Article writing job. The expert writers can even write and earn more.

Benefits of Article writing job

In particular, those who choose to work from home, or part-time, students, jobless professionals, elderly citizens, or homemakers, who are passionate about writing, article writing jobs give u more benefits.

  • You can work from home, wherever you want to work, and whenever you want.
  • Helps Working versatility.
  • Article writing work does not require any qualifications (you do not need to be a graduate) or previous work experience.
  • A computer/laptop, writing skills, knowledge on writing are appropriate for Article writing work.
  • You can even work offline.
  • Since you can be the work's boss, this Article writing job is a stress-free job.
  • Article writing jobs can make it easier to work in the long term.
  • Can gain a passive amount by putting in no effort or adding up additional money.

How payments are done for Article writing jobs?

One can earn a genuine amount by writing articles by working from home for 3 hours a day. The amount you earn is paid based on the number of words written. Generally, the amount of writing works is done as paisa per word/rupees per word. Some companies keep the threshold limit and some pay once the content is delivered. The payment is done via online payment portals such as Paytm, G pay, Phone Pe, net transfer, or another online mode of paying the amount. The payment is done within 5 business days once you requested your payment and some paid instantly. But before you commit to any online article writing job, make sure you work for a genuine and trusted one. Article writing drives an add-on income for the one who is passionate about writing.


There is no charge or fee required for registering before or after joining the writing jobs. Before you get committed to any article writing work, make sure the company you work for is a genuine and trustable one. The genuine writing companies don’t ask any sum for registering as a writer. One can find article writing jobs at Indeed, Naukri, Quikr, Olx, Trovit, etc.