How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business?


May 8, 2021

How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business?
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Youtube - a marketing tool:

Youtube is one of those platforms where almost 90% of the population in the world spend there 1 hour on average, every day. Your potential customers must be already available on youtube. It is a great social platform to sell your small business products and services online, to your customers, and even to create a new customer league.

Youtube is one of those advertisement and marketing tools social media platform, which is having no competition. People are attracted more towards videos than the written content and thus, youtube is one of the best possible ways to promote your business.

How to promote on youtube:

  1. The most crucial thing to do while using youtube for promotion is to choose the right amount of keywords to be put under the video section. There are various keyword tools available online and one of the amazing tools could be the google keyword tool, for keyword thing.
  2. The thumbnail of your channel is the first impression of any customer who will visit your channel. Make sure to add an attractive thumbnail to your channel. Also, do not forget to add the URL of your website, to your youtube channel as this might be able to divert the traffic to your website and product page.
  3. Call to action to engage your viewers is one of the greatest marketing strategies one can opt for while promoting their services on youtube. Direct hostings, end cards, and video descriptions are the mainstreams of CTA's.
  4. Do not forget to market your youtube channel anywhere and everywhere as this will bring the audience to your channel which ultimately will bring the clients and customers to your page of products and services. The youtube channel should be mentioned on all your products too, as if one buys your products, he/she can visit the channel too.
  5. If you already have a customer fanbase. Then ask them for their feedback videos for almost 1 minute of length and add them to your customer testimonial part. This way you can easily attain the confidence of your potential clients and customers for the future. If possible, bring them to live on youtube for a few minutes and ask your customers to connect with them related to their experience with the products and services of your organization.

Videos for youtube

Videos are the lifeline of any youtube channel. Videos could be shooted from any smartphone or any camera. The only thing which needs to make sure is the videos should have good lighting and everything on the screen should be clearly visible. Using a tripod could be a great option to check on. Don't forget to add the titles under the videos, to make it proper.

Also, make sure the videos should not be more than 3-5 minutes long as the viewers might end up viewing half of the video if the video seems to belong. Make sure the videos shared on social media are also small in length.

The youtube videos might be of different styles for different niches. Do good research initially and then proceed with choosing a particular format or niche for your youtube video. Make sure to add a 30-sec introductory name video at the beginning as this will be your signed part in every video.

Investment required:

Starting your own youtube channel for the promotion of business doesn't require much investment. The only investment needed is while creating the videos, and those also solely depends upon the materials and locations used while creating a video. A complete professional channel could be started while not investing much of the amount. Youtube is one of the finest social media channels to get your audience to engage in your products and services.


  1. Do not feel shy. Make sure to ask your friends and contacts to share your youtube channel with everyone they have in contact with. This way the channel could reach a maximum of people.
  2. Make sure you write an article on the video you prepared. Post the article on the product-specific directories and forums. This way the channel can reach even the readers who are not using youtube and can come to your channel from the links posted.
  3. Make sure to share your channel link to all the social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Other apps could also be used to post the ads of your youtube channel to promote your business which could be Snapchat, WeChat, and so on.
  4. Do make sure if you are creating a channel then the videos posted should be consistent with respect to time. Try to post at least a video on a weekly basis for a minimum and they keep the audience engage in your channel. You can also create a blog series or vlog series for your product to keep up the suspense with them for your services and products.

Youtube is one of the most dynamic social media platforms to get your audience engaged to your product by being a little creative and far more analytic. In the beginning, starting a youtube channel might require a lot more effort but at the later stage, it could be a great profit for your business and growth.

Putting the ads on Facebook and other social media platforms for your youtube channel is a devastating idea to promote your product and service, and this will lead to millions of viewers after a certain stage of time. Once the channel is set up, you can also monetize your channel for a better scope.

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