What is a blog post?


May 8, 2021

What is a blog post?
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Every year a lot of people start blogging in various niches. However, soon after creating the blog, they face difficulties in writing an attractive blog post. For every niche, a blog post is crucial as it helps you get more viewership and a good SEO ranking.

The content of the blog post must be attractive so that the viewers will read your post. A blog post is not just a piece of text as you can add images, videos, and many other media to decorate your blog posts.

With some effort and time, you can create creative blog posts. Here is how you can write a blog post and write informative content.

Structure of a blog post

Here is the basic structure of a blog post that you can use:

  • Headline: Headline is the first thing a viewer will see in your blog post. Thus, it must be catchy and attractive to gain the attention of the viewers. Your blog post will feature everywhere like search engine results, social media platforms, etc. That is why having a catchy headline/title is crucial. When creating a headline, it is also important to insert keywords in the headline as it helps with SEO.
  • Featured Image: Once your headline is ready, the next thing that you need to add is a featured image. It tells your views what your content is about and how it can benefit them. Just below the featured image, you need to add- publish date, author name, post category. Publish date helps your viewers to know when the post was uploaded. Author name informs your viewers about the author who wrote the blog post. Post category is important as it helps your viewers understand in which category your blog post falls in. Be sure to use a good-looking featured image that will grab the attention of the viewers.
  • Introduction: Introduction is like a summary of your blog post. You need to write a good introduction to describe the content of your post. Without a proper introduction, your viewers will have difficulty knowing exactly what you are talking about. Your introduction should compel the readers to continue reading. It helps you keep your viewers engaged with your post. Also, make sure to insert keywords in your introduction as it helps you to get better search engine ranking.
  • Main Content: Now comes the main part of the blog post. The headline featured an image, and the introduction was just to attract the viewers and make them read your blog post. Your main content should please the reader to have a positive impact. If they like your content, they are sure to visit again to read your other blog posts. The more people like your content, the more new visitors you will get. While writing the content, you also need to check the word count of your post. It can range anywhere from 300 words to 3000 words. You can use any word count that works best for your blog.
  • Media: While writing the main content, you should add media to your content. It will be too boring for your readers to read plain text. Adding media helps you keep your viewers engaged in your blog post. Just break your content into different sections so that you can add media according to the section. You can use any kind of media like image, video, infographics, gif, and so on. Having a blog post with the media is much better than a blog post with only text. However, do not add too many images in your content as it will disrupt the reading of the viewers. You can add media after every 100-300 words for a better look.
  • Sub-headlines: Instead of having a non-stop pile of texts, you can break your content into several sub-headlines. Subheadings help your viewers to jump into different sections that they want to read. The subheadings must be related to your headline only. Along with subheadings, you can also add bullet points to highlight the points that you think are important. Divide the content into subheadings to make it easy for your viewers to read the entire content.
  • Conclusion: Ending your blog post with a conclusion is a good practice. The conclusion can be of one-two paragraphs where you can summarize the main points of the content you have written.

How to write a good blog post?

Writing your first blog post can be difficult if you have no experience in writing. Here are the following methods you can use to write a good blog post:

  • Topic: Choosing a topic is the first step for writing a blog post. The best way to choose a topic is to find the topics that are trending.
  • Research: Once you have chosen your topic, you need to start researching the topic. The more you research, the more information you will get about the topic.
  • Create an outline: After gathering all the information about the topic, the next thing you need to do is create an outline of how you are going to write the content. You can divide your content into multiple subheadings as it eases the reading process for the viewer. Without an outline, you will be writing in dark with the direction of your path.
  • Create drafts of your blog post: The next thing you need to do is create a draft of your outline. You can then use the draft to create new content without having to copy and paste again and again. Save multiple drafts to have more content ideas for your future blog posts.
  • Write an interesting introduction: Introduction is important as it will help the viewers understand whether your blog post is what they are looking for. Without a catchy introduction, the viewers will just be browsing through your content in the dark. Thus, add an introduction to tell your viewers what your content is all about.
  • Write as if you are talking: The best way to get the attention of viewers is interaction. If you are writing a blog post on a computer, then people are not gonna like it. Instead, you need to write content as if you are talking. Your viewers must feel like you are talking to them individually.
  • Make it scannable: While writing your blog post, you must ensure that your content is scannable. Most people don't like reading the entire content as they only look for the information they need. Thus, write content in such a way that your viewers can find any information they want in your content.
  • Use images: Images play an important role in writing good content. Without any image, your content will only contain text which will strain the eyes of the readers. Thus after every two or three paragraphs, you should include an image. It makes the content look good and readable for your viewers.
  • Include a call to action: Once you finish writing your content, you need to include a call to action (CTA) in your content. You will not grow if you do not ask your viewers to take action on your site. You can ask your viewers to follow your blog, follow you on social media platforms, and leave a comment, buy products, and so on.


So this is how you can get started writing blog content in no time. You should know the correct format for writing a blog post. Once you have learned the format, you can then start writing content that will help you get a lot of visitors to your blog post.

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