Top 10 best careers in India


May 8, 2021

Top 10 best careers in India
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Careers should be chosen as per the interest. But if we look for the best of careers available in India, then certain profiles always took the lead over any other career choices in India. The top 10 of them includes:

  1. Doctors

Doctors are known to be the most respectful person after the god. A career chosen in the medical field is one of the best careers to be chosen in India, not only in terms of money but also in terms of gratitude and a very respectful job. A five-year MBBS degree is a must for pursuing a career in this field. India is a country with a huge population and with these comes a lot of health problems. The need for doctors for the country is a must. Thus, it is one of the best careers to pursue in India. 

  1. Civil Service Officers

Civil Service Officers jobs are the most reputed jobs of all time. They are the most designated jobs of the country where all the fame, income, status, profile came together. A person must clear India's toughest exam IAS Exam, to get the most prominent jobs of all time, in India. There are many designations offered in this job profile and one can be allocated to any place and any location throughout the country. A decent amount of salary is offered along with a lot of perks, in this job.

  1. Software Engineers

This is one of those jobs in which even the freshers will a very good amount of money. If you are a fresher and into software engineering jobs, then there might be chances you are easily earning in lacs from the beginning itself. This profile's graph goes up only. This career choice gives an option to travel across the world, too. It not only offers a decent salary but also a decent lifestyle. IT jobs are more fun than any other jobs in the country.

  1. Professors (Universities)

Professors are those people of the country, who are treated respectfully as well as honorably. Professors are those people who are respected because of their job profile in India. They have a gratitude career that has both lives as well as money. The average range of any professor is in lacs and they can go to crores with their experiences and degrees. It is one of the finest degree jobs in India when it comes to choosing a career.

  1. Chartered Accountants

These are the people who help the commoners to solve their mess in terms of financial matters. No matter if the issue is related to salary or related to taxes, it is always the chartered accountants who will be there for you always. This is one of the most demanding careers of all time in India. A CA can earn from pennies to almost crores, depending upon their job profiles.

  1. Writers

Everyone needs a writer at some point in time. Being a writer means being in demand throughout the year, though it is for a  magazine or any event or anything. Writers have a good career in India if they go at a certain pace and in a certain direction. They can earn from hundreds to thousands to lacs per write up if they maintain a certain quality. This is one of the great careers in India, to be work on.

  1. Digital Marketers

With the business going online and the world living on the internet, choosing a career as a digital marketer could be called a long term vision. A single digital marketer could take as many projects as he/she is available and can easily earn good working from home. Digital marketers usually don't need to go out of home, to work but they can sit in their room and work easily.

  1. Pilot

Being a pilot is one of the greatest achievements in life. Not only you can earn lavish pay but you also get a chance to avail themselves all the royal facilities provided by the airport authority and the government officials to the pilots. They earn in lakhs on an average and sometimes in crores. Not only this but being a pilot is one of the best careers because one can be able to fly in the sky. Who does more want!!

  1. Hotel Managers

They are the people who have an MBA degree mostly in their pockets. They earn in lacs on average. Hotel managers are those people who manage and take care of all the in and out of any hotel and all the general tasks are dependent upon them. These are the people who stay royal and earns royal. They have a great salary as compared to other professionals in India.

  1. Investment Bankers

These are those people who have the world's most rich clients on their side. They provide advice on the investments to be done by their clients, to get the highest possible returns of their money. Their pay scale could range from 10 lac to 50 lac per annum if placed wisely. All one needs to become an investment banker is great calculation power and a long term vision of numbers.

Though there are a lot of career options available in India, which not only pays well but also offers a lot of perks and benefits. The above mentioned are the top 10 career choices available in India. They just need the right degree and a good choice of preparation. Once, the degree is completed, one can easily start preparing for these careers or apply for the same.

If one doesn't have an interest in any of these career choices, then there are other doors open for pursuing other careers in India and one can do, what his/her heart ask them to chase for. The right career build from the right skill set and right amount of interest. If you are interested in arts, pursue degree in arts and if in maths, pursue it in maths. Do listen to your heart and go ahead.

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